Lamar Odom shared one thing Los Angeles Lakers lack.

In the past years, Los Angeles Lakers have been losing their chance to get a winning streak again. Despite having King James and Davis on its side, the team slowly taking a few steps away from reaching the NBA Finals.

Before this season's finals arrive, Odom left friendly advice to the team as he continues to root for them. The former professional basketball player recently opened up about how the recent defeat of the Lakers against the Phoenix Suns affected its record again.

Per Odom, the Purple and Gold team always root for James and Davis. Although the duo's era has been notable in the past years, their power might not be able to help them reach the top due to health issues.

"I was hurt! I was hurt when I watched them. They gotta get another guy who can play right alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis," he exclaimed.

Odom added that James and Davis are enough - only when they are healthy. Due to the recent injuries the two-star players sustained, it is now hard for Los Angeles Lakers to get back on track without help from someone.

In the same interview, he noted that the supporting cast helps the star players. However, they also need one more "strong piece" to secure the win.

His comments can be trustworthy, especially since he worked side by side with Kobe Bryant during the 2009 and 2010 championships.

Why Odom Thinks LA Lakers Need More?

His comment came after the Brooklyn Nets made an impressive show by including three MVP players in their squad.

Since the Lakers only have James and Davis, Odom believes that Lakers could do more with one more MVP player. Indeed, the squad needs help more importantly after James and Davis sustained injuries.

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Only last month, the Lakers-Clippers game ended up in favor of the latter team after the 28-year-old power forward suffered from back spasms during the earliest quarter of the match.

During his nine minutes stay inside the court, he only contributed four points - only a small percentage that led to a 118-94 loss.

Meanwhile, King James spoke candidly about how he knew he could not be 100 percent healthy again after his high ankle injury.

Getting one more player will not only help the Lakers toward Finals, but it will also save James and Davis from overworking themselves.

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