"Friends" fans may be living their dreams right now as Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer reportedly want a "real-life" romance.

This year, the most-awaited "Friends: The Reunion" special arrived on HBO Max. The get-together became emotional for the original cast as it brought back the feelings they had decades ago.

Apart from friendships, they seemingly brought back potential romances as Aniston and Schwimmer allegedly want to take a second change again.

Are Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer Dating?

In a report published by Life & Style for this week's edition, it revealed that the on-screen couple reportedly wants to take their crush to the next level.

One source revealed that the co-stars kept in touch soon after the reunion happened.

"They've been talking, FaceTiming and are planning to meet up," the source said. "Maybe that ship hasn't sailed after all."

The insider added that Schwimmer once regretted not taking his opportunity before and that he never really got over Aniston.

Furthermore, the duo allegedly never lost their connection through these years. But only after the reunion when they realized they want to try again.

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"They felt a huge sense of nostalgia when they saw each other again. They're the same people as they were back in the day - just older!" the insider exclaimed.

Since Aniston and Schwimmer became friends at the same time, they have so many things in common. The comfort and peace they gain whenever they are together also ignited the potential romance even more.

If the Aniston-Schwimmer romance truly happens in real life, "Friends" fans will surely celebrate their Ross-Rachel ship.

Despite the report, Gossip Cop noted that the two showed nothing but professionalism while caring for each other. The fact that they went on to marry other people after "Friends" proved that their crush was not enough to establish a serious relationship.

What Other Tabloids Said

It was not the first time they stirred romance rumors, though.

In 2019, New Idea claimed that Aniston and Schwimmer were trying to give their romance a go. The same tabloid said that the colleagues spent a lot of time "alone together" while making the reunion special.

Amid these reports, one should take this with a grain of salt. Although Ross and Rachel's stars are both singles in real life, it does not mean Aniston and Schwimmer can try the impossible.

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