Chrissy Teigen failed to impress everyone with her "monthly" apology statements.

In May, Teigen's past tweets that targeted Courtney Stodden resurfaced. Her participation in online bullying caused her to pen a lengthy apology statement for the model.

While her apology last month is not really enough, John Legend's wife wrote another essay-like apology on her Medium account and shared the link to her Twitter account. However, instead of getting praises and applauses, she got slammed for her unending, dramatic apology.

Chrissy Teigen, Sorry Not Sorry?

Twitter users immediately called out Teigen for her repetitive apology statements which, they believe, are being used to save herself from losing sponsors.

They also found the new Medium post a useless apology unless the 35-year-old changes her attitude.

One Internet user said, "Chrissy Teigen apologized again and some of y'all will continue to fall for that nonsense. Slandering a child and telling a woman to harm herself is trash. I don't care what sort of influence or celebrity one has, those things can't be done."

"Chrissy Teigen posting her monthly apology for her past bullying in the hopes that she can win back all the endorsements and contracts she lost, but it'll just blow up in her face again," another one added.

One person wrote, "Everything I've learned about Chrissy Teigen was against my will."

The new Medium post on Monday contained the same apology which she delivered in a different, expound way.

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The matriarch admitted that she has been feeling the weight of regret for the things she said to other people in the past. She then addressed how ashamed she is of the resurfaced tweets and questioned how could she say that.

The lengthy statement continued that she also compared it to having an own version of "My Name is Earl!" Still, Teigen noted that she does not have any excuse for her past tweets and cruel messages.

In the end, she called herself a troll before saying sorry again.

Teigen's Medium and Twitter accounts became the home of her apology statements following Stodden's bombshell revelations. The 26-year-old model initially compiled all the past tweets and DMs she received from Teigen which contained damaging statements.

Stodden added more fuel to the fire by saying that the "Cravings: Hungry For More" author harassed and bullied her as a minor without any restraint.

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