Adult performer Dakota Skye, whose real name is Lauren Scott, died at 27 on June 9 in Los Angeles, California.

First reported by AVN, Skye was found in a "recreational vehicle," and her estranged husband confirmed had confirmed and identified her body at the coroner's office on June 11.

Her real cause of death remains a mystery at the time of this writing; authorities are also still finding out whether she was with someone before she died.

Before the unfortunate news, her family revealed that Skye had lived a devastating lifestyle before her death.

Speaking to The US Sun, her aunt, Linda Arden, details all the late porn star's information.

Arden told the outlet that Skye was exposed to drugs, alcohol, and all kinds of abuse growing up as she lived with a "highly dysfunctional" family. Skye's mom died two years ago due to addiction and alcoholism.

Skye was also battling addiction with fentanyl and alcoholism, but her aunt clarified that she has been clean for weeks before she died. Arden even mentioned that she was so scared about Skye and thought she would make it.

The adult performer's aunt described Skye's situation as "stalked by demons," which gives her comfort that Skye will no longer live in pain and fight the things that haunted her daily.

Authorities had also described Skye as "homeless."

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Skye was the "sweetest girl" to her family

Arden also mentioned that her niece was the "sweetest girl" as she loved helping her family members in times of need; she also gave all of her money to her mother and brothers.


She then told the outlet that she loves Skye unconditionally and wishes nothing but happiness to her.

Skye's problematic past

A few weeks ago, Skye was heavily criticized online for posing in a George Floyd mural without a shirt. She wrote in the caption, "Happy #GeorgeFloyd day in #santabarbara <3 #dakotaskye equality&fair treatment for all. Dope mural."

Arden revealed that Skye was bullied online following the controversial post.

Prior to this, she was also arrested in 2017 for allegedly punching her boyfriend at the time due to an argument that happened after they had sex.

An arrest affidavit obtained by Mirror UK states that Skye continuously used her phone and her boyfriend asked her to leave the house.

She then became upset, making her punch the guy that caused him a "swollen lip cut." Skye was later charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.

Skye as an adult performer

Dakota Skye, or "Kota," was an adult entertainer. She first rose to fame in 2013 and was even nominated for Best New Starlet award by AVN in 2015.

She had over 300 film credits in the adult film business and remained a semi-active porn star until 2020.

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