Prince Harry is predicted to lose all of his hair once he turns 50, according to a cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Asim Shahmalak showed a picture of a balding Duke of Sussex to the Daily Mail.

Despite being ten years behind the heir to the throne, when it comes to becoming a victim of male pattern baldness, Prince Harry may be fully bald by the time he's 50.

"Harry is 36 and at the same stage of hair loss as William was when he was 26."

The expert added, "The baldness gene is not as strong in Harry but he is still losing his hair quickly."

He also noted how the dad of Lilibet Diana's hair loss is around the crown area.

"He has a growing bald patch right across is crown and you can also see that his hair is also thinning out towards the front."

The condition of baldness in male members of the British royal family has existed for generations.

Prince Harry reportedly got those genes from his dad, Prince Charles, who got them from Prince Philip.

Shahmalak added that hair loss seems to be getting worse with each generation, which can also happen in some families.

Another additional factor is that the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of Cambridge may have also inherited the same genes from their mom, the late Princess Diana.

Her dad, Earl Spencer, was also bald.

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How Stress May Have Affected Prince Harry's Baldness

Although he is balding slower than his older brother Prince William, Prince Harry's hair loss has accelerated since moving to the US with his wife Meghan Markle last year.

According to Forbes, high stress levels could also result in having less hair on the head.

One possible trigger for the abnormal shift of the hair follicles could be due to emotional stress.

Emotional stress is adverse life events, such as losing a loved one or divorce, and many more.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their royal duties after facing many backlash and issues surrounding them for months. As a result, they were the target of negative press.

Severe and prolonged stress such as what they have been through could undoubtedly qualify why Prince Harry is balding.

But Shahmalak added that without treatment, it would only accelerate the baldness further. If he gets the proper treatment, perhaps he could save some of it and buy him a few more years.

With Prince Harry keeping a low profile in the US, he definitely could stay quietly at home during the recovery period while the new hair grows back, per the expert.

But if the Duke becomes bald, he may become a strong candidate against Prince William, who is named "Sexiest Bald Man" in 2021, according to People magazine.

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