Alex Harvill sustained severe injuries during the record-breaking jump attempt which eventually led him to death.

On June 17, the Moses Lake Air Show came back again to offer a hybrid airshow to the public. As stated on its official website, the first attraction soon after the welcome remarks would feature Harvill.

However, the first-ever attraction turned into chaos as the main stuntman faced a severe crash while attempting to break another world record.

The 28-year-old motorcyclist reportedly drove from a moveable, pre-built ramp to a dirt ramp that stands at 351 feet. He tried to make his first practice jump when he landed short of the landing ramp's downward slope. While his bike stopped moving, the rider did not.

Harvill then flew over the handlebars while his helmet flew off, as well. The rider twisted at least once before reaching the ground at 20 feet away.

The medics on the scene immediately performed first-aid and rushed him to Samaritan Hospital.


The Grant County International Airport director, Rich Mueller, released a statement following the incident.

"We've been working with Alex for weeks now. It's disappointing to watch him take a spill, but he was very straight with us from the beginning that spills happen and you just have to roll with it," he said, as quoted by Yahoo! News.

Unfortunately, Harvill did not make it and eventually died.

RIP, Alex Harvill

Later that day, the Grant County Coroner confirmed Alex Harvill's death.

Following his tragic passing, the coroner's office will launch an autopsy on Friday to determine the exact cause and manner of his death.

Before the jump, Harvill's wife Jessica said that she already got used to the risks her husband embraces. Per the wife, Harvill had been doing it for a long time that it became a normal thing for her.

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Jessica witnessed personally the tragic accident as she attended the event with their children, 5-year-old Willis, and newborn Watson. She added that her husband has been practicing the jumps in the past two weeks. However, Harvill did not use any ramp.

The show continued even after his death. Still, Airshow pledged to donate all of the proceeds from his jump to help the family pay his medical bills and funeral.

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