Alex Harvill tragically died while practicing the motorcycle jump that could have led him to another Guinness world record.

Attendees of the Moses Lake Air Show 2021 expected to witness another person break another world record. Harvill, who already broke a world record once, planned to surpass that again.

However, his supposed 351 feet record led him to his death after failing to land on a downward slope during his first practice jump. He sustained injuries that eventually took his life.

His death is one of the countless deaths the reference book has ever witnessed since its establishment in 1955, and some of them are as follows.

Diana Paris' Skydiving

In 2014, a group of 222 skydivers tried to break a world record for the largest number of people to change formation in the air before launching a parachute. One of the members includes the German skydiver, Diana Paris.

The group, unfortunately, lost both the opportunity and Paris after the skydiver's main parachute failed to open. Her reserve chute also malfunctioned as the main parachute was released too low to the ground.

Guy Garman's Deepest Recreational Scuba Dive

Guy Garman's attempt to set a diving world record ended in a tragic moment in 2014.

Garman, who was also known as Doc Deep, tried to break the world record for the deepest scuba dive. He originally wanted to set a 1,200 feet record to beat Ahmed Gabr's 2014 record of 1,090 feet.

However, he never arrived at the 360 feet mark where a support team was waiting.

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Javad Palizbanian's Longest Jump

Like Harvill, Javan Palizbanian ended his career while attempting to set a world record for long-distance jumps on a motorcycle.

In 2005, the Iranian daredevil died while trying to leap over 22 buses. His bike came down on the 13th bus and was killed immediately.

Janaka Basnayake's Burial-Alive Record

What supposed to be a world-record attempt turned into reality for Janaka Basnayake. The 24-year-old Sri Lankan man buried himself underground on Saturday morning and died in the afternoon.

He tried to break the record by staying on the trench at 10 feet deep.

Sailendra Nath Roy's Zipline Using His Hair

Sailendra Nath Roy tried to travel a zip wire using his hair in 2013. During the event above the Teesta River, he suddenly stopped halfway and was thought to have suffered from cardiac arrest.

Unfortunately, no doctor nor paramedics were present at the scene.

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