Alex Harvill received people's support for the last time following his world record jump attempt.

What was supposed to be a milestone for Harvill led to his tragic death. The main star of the Moses Lake Air Show 2021 made the attendees and audience scream in horror after he flew off from his motorbike and sustained injuries.

Unfortunately, the 28-year-old daredevil did not make it.

Following his death, he and his family received outpouring supports to honor the late record holder's last jump.

GoFundme For Alex Harvill, Family

On GoFundMe's official website, user Ashley Todd organized a fundraising event for Harvill and his family.

"This fundraiser will go directly towards Jessica to support her and the boys with anything they need. Alex was the sole provider for the family, so anything helps! Please keep Jessica, Willis, Watson, and their families in your prayers," the caption went on.

As of the writing, the fundraiser stats already hit 508 donors who gave a total of $63,510. It is only a few thousand away from the initial $75,000 goal.

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Currently, the top donation came from an anonymous user who gave $5,000 to the family.

Some donors left wishes to Harvill and his family, and they hope that the small amount they gave could help them with the funeral.

One user said, "Accidents like this always hit a little closer to home when you are part of the moto family. Prayers to the family involved."

Another added, "I hadn't heard of Alex before, but read about what happened. So sorry about this tragedy. My heart goes out to the family. I wish I could donate more, but I hope this little bit helps."

Alex Harvill's Last Jump Before Crash

On June 17, Harvill finally got the chance to show what he had been practicing for weeks. The record holder aimed to break another world record by trying to drive from a moveable ram before jumping to a 351 feet dirt ramp.

However, he faced tragedy during his first practice when he landed short and flew off from his bike. The medical team on the scene immediately responded before rushing him to Samaritan Hospital. After the incident, the event continued as they prayed for his recovery.

Unfortunately, Harvill did not make it. The Grant County Coroner launched an autopsy on Friday to determine the final cause of his death.

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