According to the police, the Princess of Wales had  her friend Richard Kay as her last call before death in Paris in 1997.

One of Princess Diana's close confidants, Kay, has revealed their last conversation in a new ITV documentary.

This documentary is called "The Wedding of the Century," which will air Thursday night of July 15.

According to this article, Richard Kay is a longtime royal journalist and friend of the Princess.

He also happened to look back on the telephone conversation that would be the Princess of Wales.

Princess Diana Was "Desperate To Try And Make A Fresh Start" And Meet Her Sons

"I spoke to her that night," he recalls.

Only later, once the 36-year-old had died in a car crash resulting from a high-speed paparazzi chase, would Kay realize how significant that call was.

"[The] police said that the last call she made was to me."

According to The Mirror, the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, then 15 and 12, was "in quite a good place," shares Kay.

"She was desperate to try and make a fresh start and do something different," says Kay, "to explore a different kind of royalty."

But above all, "she wanted to come back and see her boys."

Diana was also eager to turn a new page in her life.

Diana would tragically never come to realize that even in death, she would reshape the history from what it was before.

She would also set off ripples through her legacy, her love for her children, and her compassion.

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What Is Happening In The Royal Palace For July?

Kay is just one of many friends and family members who are coming forward to remember "The People's Princess" in the weeks ahead of July 1.

The Princess was supposed to turn 60 by then.

Also reported in an article that her sons William and Harry will also reunite for the first time since the funeral of Prince Philip in May.

They will commemorate their mother on her birthday by unveiling a statue dedicated to her at Kensington Palace.

Indeed, tributes to Diana have been flowing recently.

From a subtle nod William's wife, Kate Middleton, wore her jewelry on June 11, to the middle name of Harry and Meghan Markle's first daughter, who was born on June 4.

The friend and personal astrologer of the Princess of Wales said that homage by her two sons would have moved her deeply.

"Diana would have been so touched by both her granddaughters sharing her name," Debbie Frank recently told People.

"She would have been absolutely thrilled, and it's a beautiful gesture of love from both her boys."

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