Rose Leslie is beyond worried about her cousin - whose 36th birthday falls on June 19, but who is, until now, missing. The actress used her social media to call out for the return of her beloved cousin while also greeting him a happy birthday. 

The "Game of Thrones" star's cousin, Philippe Fraser, has been missing for almost two weeks now. He was reportedly last seen back on June 8. He was reportedly leaving Hootananny pub in Brixton, London, with two rucksacks. 

Leslie, 34, got a tad emotional on her video calling for him to let them know he's alright or return home. "Your friends and family are very worried about you so please get in touch. And a very happy birthday to you, wherever you are," she said. 

To add context, the actress put out a brave smile and said, "This is a message for my cousin Philippe Fraser."

Apart from Leslie, Philippe's family is very concerned with what could have happened because they know for a fact that he's not just one to vanish without saying anything. They said it is extremely unusual for the photographer to just go somewhere without anyone knowing. 

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Speaking to My London, Philippe's stepmother Jean Fraser said that the behavior is concerning. "It's very unlike him, he always told his family where he was going," she said.

"He always came to his shifts to the pub, he would never not turn up - that's why we're very concerned," she added. Rose Leslie's cousin has been employed at the Hootananny pub in Brixton for the past decade, and he is not one to just not go to work without any real reason. 

His colleagues there are all fond of him. "He is really well-loved at Hootananny. People at Hootananny know him and his personality," Fraser said.

While no news of him can be had, the family refuses to let themselves think of the worst. While concerned, they are assuming he must have gone to one of his favorite places to practice his amateur photography located around Kew Bridge, Richmond, or even Epping Forest, Essex. He could need help, but they like to think he'll return. "It's very unlike him not to tell us where he is going. We're worried about him and we'd like him to get in touch," his father told the Evening Standard:

Philippe is described as 5ft 10inches tall. He has a slim build. He's sporting brown hair and has blue eyes.

The family requested the cousin be approached as gently as possible because they are worried about him probably undergoing mental distress. 

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