Nicolas Cage's mother Joy Vogelsang has died. She was 85. 

It was Nicolas Cage's brother, Christopher, who shared the sad news over Facebook, stating that their mom had died back on May 26 in her hometown in Los Angeles. 

"My mama died at 10:33pm 5/26,' said the brother, who is a director. "I was with her all day but left for a couple hours and missed her passing by a couple hours so wasn't able to hold her hand to give her my love and affection before her journey to peace land," he added. 

Nicolas Cage's brother got emotional, stating how their mom struggled all throughout her life, but still managed to teach him a thing or two about the word "affection." 

The "Face Off" actor's mom had battled mental health problems for decades. She was reportedly hospitalized for two weeks before eventually succumbing to her condition. 

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Nicolas, 57, had only started working on the movie "The Retirement Plan" when the tragic event happened.  It is still unclear when Joy's funeral is to take place because of the hassles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A source told the Sun that since the funeral has been delayed, the family is hoping that Cage would be able to make it. "'We're hoping that Nic will be able to make it for the funeral now that it has been postponed because he is out of the country at the moment shooting a movie," the source, who must be really close to the family, said

The source added that Joy had always been proud of what all his sons have achieved, including Nicolas. 

Apart from Nicolas and Christopher, Joy also has a son Marc Coppola, who works as a DJ.  

Nicolas once talked about his mom in an earlier interview, touching on the fact that she had a lot of mental health issues that scared and fascinated him.

"She was institutionalized for years and went through shock treatments," he revealed. "She would go into these states that lasted for years. She went through these episodes of poetry - I don't know what else to call it," he added.

Cage would say many of what his mom said were beautiful, scary and impactful to him. 

Nicolas has remained busy despite his already long years in the industry. Apart from working on this new project, his movie "Pig" is dropping soon. It was slated to be released back in 2020 since it was filmed back in 2019 but had to be moved because of the pandemic.

On the upcoming movie, Nicolas Cage is a truffle hunter on a mission to find his missing pig, as can be seen in the first trailer. 

Cage himself produced the film alongside Pulse Films, BlockBox Entertainment, Valparaiso Pictures, and Cage's Saturn Pictures.

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