Henry Cavill's girlfriend Natalie Viscuso was compelled to apologize after some of her blacked-up pictures from the 2008 Namibia trip re-emerged online and went viral. Celebrities are truly seeing more and more that their past actions have a way of coming back at them. 

The girlfriend, a reality star turned TV producer, specifically the vice president of television and digital studios at Legendary Entertainment, told MailOnline that she is sorry "if this image surfacing has caused any offense. It is a photo from 2008 for a TV show in Namibia." 

"The tribe I was living with painted my skin as part of an initiation ceremony and an acceptance into their culture," she explained. "Never in a million years did I think that this would be offensive, in fact, I felt honored that they would initiate me," she added.

But as of the present, she said she is already learning she is wrong in not thinking this could be offensive. 

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Could she just be apologizing because Henry Cavill was dragged into it? 

The row the images caused was so fevered that it even dragged Cavill into it. Fans could not separate the fact that he is a different person from his girlfriend and that the two only started dating earlier this year. Although some fans believe that him dating someone with shady past behavior is already a sign that he should also be canceled.

Some even made a petition that calls for Netflix to drop Cavill from his part in the hit show "The Witcher" because of this association with her.  

Some, however, came to the defense of the 38-year-old actor, who plays the character Geralt of Rivia in the series, saying it felt extreme to punish him for his girlfriend's actions, especially when said act happened beyond ten years ago. 

The pictures show Viscuso, from Roswell, New Mexico, dressed in east African tribal attire and her skin colored black. It appeared that she used Otjize, a pigment - made out of butterfat and ochre - to do so. This pigment is reportedly the one utilized by the Himba community of Namibia for an important cause - to protect themselves from the harsh climate. Netizens could not see beyond this fact. 

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Some said that Cavill deserves to be punished as much as his girlfriend does, not just because he associated with the likes of her, but because he, too, was a racist person. Cavill's reaction to #OscarsSoWhite was brought up to prove this point. 

In an interview with "Man of the World," the Batman v Superman made a comment about the issue that got people riled up. He noted that the Oscars had a voting process that is "subjective," and that an issue in diversity does exist. However, he also said that it would also be "racist" to have more Black nominations. 

"Maybe the solution is to have more diversity in the members. But does that mean we are saying that to have more black academy members would result in more black nominations? Is that not racist itself?," he said back then, irking many in the racial minority community. 

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