Johnny Depp fans are losing it on Twitter after his former wife Amber Heard shared an a post welcoming her return as "Mera" on "Aquaman 2."

Production for "Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom" is underway in the UK, with director James Wan welcomes the blonde beauty to Atlantis.

In Heard's post, she shared a card seemingly sent by Wan and flowers.

Back in May, the 35-year-old reflected on her return to the movie, noting that one of the best things about playing the role of Mera was meeting people who are inspired by her character.

A month before that, photos of her training for the role started circulating as well. At the time, it still didn't confirm if Amber Heard was returning to the sequel.

After all, there has been a petition since mid-2020 with almost 1.9 million signatures to remove Heard from the sequel.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, fans of Johnny Depp have posted their outrage and vowed they wouldn't watch the movie at all. "I'm not seeing Aquaman. Have fun with that. #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser," @jgoingup said.

Another Twitter user said, "i can't believe after all this time johnny depp is still being shunned from the entertainment industry as if HE was the abuser. i won't be watching Aquaman 2. that shit better be boycotted. amber heard doesn't deserve SHIT."

@iviour also tweeted, "The fact that Amber heard wasnt fired from Aquaman 2 despite of all the petitions and comments just show that they dont care about their fans at all."

Why Fans Don't Want Amber Heard Back on 'Aquaman 2.'

In the past few months, Johnny Depp has lost significant projects due to the allegations thrown to him by his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

They have been in and out of court, with the most recent hearing for a case happening in the latter part of the year.

Despite the court's seeing, Depp was guilty of abuse at some point, and many fans believe that Amber Heard is a liar and was the one who abused her former husband. Heard punched

Depp in the face in some instances, shattered his finger with a vodka bottle, and many more.

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But in 2009, Amber Heard was arrested for abusing her then-partner Tasya Van Ree, which fans see as a demonstrating repeated pattern from the Hollywood star.

Fans also claim that Heard's stories were all fabricated, with body language experts seeing through her "lies" and numerous witnesses testifying that Heard has been physically assaulting Depp.

Johnny Depp fans are pissed off that he lost many things, but Amber Heard, who has a history of violence and abuse, has been let off the hook and was able to return to "Aquaman 2."

Why Amber Heard's Return To 'Aquaman 2' Is A Good Thing

A Twitter user named Samji believes that the actress's return to the sequel is a good thing - as it will help Johnny Depp's case. He explained that Heard's counterclaim wouldn't have any merit and would also prove how Hollywood can be hypocrites and abuse enablers.

They know that Heard isn't the victim in this story, but they still haven't fired her. Heard continues to work for Hollywood and still has her branding projects intact.

And lastly, once Depp wins the case in Virginia, he'll get Heard's entire "Aquaman 2" salary. It's unclear how much Amber Heard's salary in the sequel is, but Depp is asking for $50 million for defamation.

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