James Charles isn't getting many praises anymore.

Over the weekend, James Charles' name dominated the internet for the wrong reasons despite being on hiatus. For two months, the makeup mogul remains silent following allegations against him.

So seeing his name online again made people raised their brows.

On Twitter, Charles found its way to the platform's trending list. As a result, internet users called him out and reminded everyone of his controversies.

One internet user said, "I'm sick and tired of people like james charles getting away with sending inappropriate messages to minors. The fact that he still has his platform upsets the f- out of me."

"it's never a good start when james charles is trending," another added.

Things got worse as his name appeared the same time as another YouTuber, Carson "CallMeCarson" King, trended. Still, the appearance of their names cannot be surprising at all as they both stirred damaging accusations.

Why Are James Charles, #Carson Trending?

On the social media site, CallMeCarson announced that he is coming back to Twitter following the accusations about him sexually interacting with a minor fan.

The announcement caused internet users to question his comeback like nothing ever happened.

One Twitter user called them out for treating their cancelation as something like a vacation. It remains unfortunate how they still have fans who still support them.

Some flooded the site with tweets that outshine the positive ones. Internet users specifically noted that it is illegal to send inappropriate messages to minors. Unfortunately, it frustrates people to see them not being taken to police custody.

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Meanwhile, others noted how YouTuber Jenna Marbles ended up losing her career completely after committing a minor offense compared to Charles.


Before this news, Charles has been receiving backlash multiple times for different reasons.

The YouTuber initially got slammed over his racist tweets about Africa and the Ebola virus. He also found himself in the middle of hot waters after saying that the movie "It" was awful. It became ironic as he made a Pennywise-inspired makeup tutorial one month later.

In the months following these incidents, he involved himself in multiple headaches after calling Ariana Grande the "rudest celebrity," feuding with Marlena Stella, and pricing the tickets for his tour for a whopping amount.

The most recent allegation he faced involved his former staff, Kelly Rocklein. She reportedly suffered from wrongful discrimination after she passed out.

She also alleged the makeup mogul of calling her degrading names.

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