After a rough few days of internet catfights and bullying allegations, the couple settles down to celebrate Father's day with their kids.

Based on this article, Chrissy posted her greetings on Instagram with a post of her husband and kids.

"There are no words. Only tears that I am fresh out of. To our everything, we love you forever."

The model captioned the picture while John replied a heart emoji in the comments.

The caption implies that Teigen is still emotional over her involvement and alleged cyber-bullying towards designer Michael Costello.

The singer and songwriter had been actively supporting and defending his wife on social media, going as far as to tweet about it.

"I encourage everyone who breathlessly spread this lie to keep that same energy when they correct the record."

The "All of Me" singer warns those who have "inserted themselves" in the issue.

Fans of Chrissy Teigen Spots Subtle Shade in Model's Comments

Immediately after uploading her greeting for John's father's day post, the celebrity was ready to make a clap back.

According to sources, Teigen posted a picture of her sporting a pink dress with red polka-dots, which costs over $2,500.

The model's fans connected the one Chrissy was wearing and the famous red Alaïa dress that Alicia Silverstone wore in the 1995 "Clueless" film.

The caption included a slight dig at Michael Costello.

"Celebrate lurrrrrve. Congratulations to my sister and her fiance Michael! And it's like a completely important designer!!!!!"

Some of the comments pointed out "the shade," in her caption and "How passive-aggressive," it sounded.

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Chrissy Teigen Loses Brand Partnerships and Sponsors

There have been other victims of Chrissy's cyberbullying aside from the recent accusations from designer Costello.

Courtney Stodden had also confessed her past online interaction with the model, telling them to "take a dirt nap."

Daily Mail reports that the celebrity only broke her silence regarding the controversies because of the neverending phone calls canceling lucrative partnerships with her.

One of the backlashes includes Macy's discontinuing Teigen's cookware line from their stores.

Other than that, Bloomingdale ending their partnership with the star due to her unapologetic statements.

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