Chrissy Teigen seems to be clearing her name as her team recently slammed Michael Costello for faking the screenshots that show the model bullying him in the past, causing him to become suicidal.

According to Teigen's team representative, reported by Business Insider (via People), The Instagram DM screenshots that Costello had posted in his explosive statement were fake.

They claim that there have been inconsistencies with the conversation he had shown fans and added that it's probably been altered. (Check out the screenshots below)

One of the critical factors they pointed out is Teigen's name, which does not include a verified checkmark- it means he probably took the screenshots before 2014.

But, it features gradient blue and purple chat boxes, meaning he took it sometime around 2020 when the social media platform had updated the app.

Another thing they noticed was the video call icon on the top right part of the DMs-Instagram did not have that kind of feature until 2018- and the display picture of Teigen, which was not changed since 2016.

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Michael Costello claims Chrissy Teigen bullied him

As we previously reported, the 'Project Runway' star claims that John Legend's wife had threatened his career in 2014; she formed her own opinion saying the designer was racist after a different set of screenshots circulated showing Costello using racial slurs.

The screenshots were later proven to be false, and Instagram had taken down the photos circulating.

Still, Teigen insists that he will face major backlash, and he deserves to "suffer" and "die."

Following this, Teigen posted a lengthy apology earlier this week in her blog acknowledging her bullying past, but Costello went on and took to Instagram to post an explosive statement showing the photos of his conversation with the cookbook author.

He stated that the situation took an enormous toll on his career and mental health that got to a point where he attempted to commit suicide.

Teigen received more backlash after the post.

How's Chrissy Teigen and Michael Costello doing?

Yesterday, John Legend gave a brief update about his wife.

As he walks towards his car, a paparazzi asked, "how is Chrissy doing after all the criticism?" he simply replied, "she's doing great."

Costello, on the other hand, released a new statement saying that he will not be addressing the issues he had faced anymore.

Michael Costello has not publicly addressed the "fake screenshots" situation and his post is still accessible on his account.

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