La La Anthony has recently filed for divorce from her husband of 11 years, Carmelo Anthony.

Amid all the cheating scandal and baby mama drama, it has been reported that there are no hard feelings between them.

While their impending divorce comes with some mixed emotions, the decision to split was said to be a long time coming.

Several sources previously told TMZ that Kim Kardashian's bestie and the basketball star have already been separated for some time, but they remain great friends.

In addition, an insider revealed to Hollywood Life that La La Anthony had the divorce filing timing all planned for the sake of Carmelo.

La La Anthony Plans Divorce Timing

The insider said La La Anthony waited for Carmelo Anthony's NBA season to end before she filed the papers so the entire thing wouldn't disrupt his season.

"This was a long time coming and La La wanted to have everything figured out before she filed."

The insider insisted that "She wanted to do it at a time where they all can ride out the next few months to get through it all."

With the 38-year-old model officially filing the papers, citing irreconcilable differences, a massive weight has been removed from their backs as they just "look forward to moving forward."

"They have grown apart and are just different people than were they once were."

The former couple also expected that the divorce wouldn't be so dramatic. However, they know it's going to be a sad moment.

"As much as they don't want to use the word bittersweet, that is what it has come down to for them."


Though they may not be a couple anymore, La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony will continue to live their lives for their son.

The insider added that they would be co-parenting Kiyan, 14.

The lack of drama has also been seen after reuniting over the weekend to watch and cheer for Kiyan at a basketball game in Miami.

They were spotted sitting together from the sidelines, looking proud and intensely watching the game.

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Is There Really No Drama in La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony's Divorce?

As of writing, neither La La Anthony nor Carmelo Anthony addressed the allegations being thrown at the latter by a woman who claimed to have been impregnated by the Trail Blazers star.

The woman told Hollywood Unlocked that she gave birth to twins after a couple of encounters with Carmelo in New York.

She even claimed that Kim Kardashian hired a private investigator to find things out about her as she reports back to her friend La La.

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