Olivia Rodrigo graduated high school and posted her picture in her graduation toga and gown. A simple post announcing her graduation leads to one congratulatory message after another - with many fans expressing surprise that she was studying all this time.

Fans cannot believe Rodrigo to finish all her high school requirements and earn her diploma, even though her music career these recent years has been blossoming.

It would have been natural for her to just drop out of high school and chase fame like most would do, especially since it appears the music industry is being so kind to her and her career is taking off unbelievably.

Fans Beyond Proud

Yet, her photo showed her graduating and fans could not be more proud. 

Fans think Olivia Rodrigo has done a lot in her first 18-years on this earth. Not only has she starred in the revival of the smash Disney+ revival of "High School Musical," her songs  "Drivers License," "Good 4 U," and more songs off her debut album, Sour are all top-charting hits. 

But they seem to be the proudest that she accomplished another great milestone: graduating high school. 


"bye high school!!!!!!!" Olivia captioned the gallery she posted on Saturday (June 19). In the first pic, she's wearing her cap and gown and has her fingers raised high in the cute "peace sign" 

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One commenter joked, but apparently proud, ""SHE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PARALLEL PARK BUT SHE HAS A DIPLOMA!"

The same line of thought can be seen in other fans. rodrigo.updates wrote, "Starring in a tv show ️ Being a popstar ️ Graduating highschool ️." Immediately after that, lizbissonette commented, "omg she got her diploma and drivers license"

Rodrigo is Not just Charting though - She's Making Record-breaking Songs  

Rodrigo is not merely releasing successful hits though. Most of these are record-breaking and making it on top of the charts. 

For instance, the most recent news is that, Olivia Rodrigo's "Good 4 U" has stayed a third week at No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200.

It was reported that the smash hit released by the new graduate, drew 99 million streams. It also sold 15,300 worldwide in the June 11-17 tracking week.  

It remains to be seen whether she'll pursue college. According to an earlier report by the Guardian, it can be surmised from her song "I'm More" that she might not pursue college, but also noted that the singer was considering Psychology as a course.

In the first song she ever posted online, I'm More, she sang, "I care way too much about getting into college", but notions of further studying Psychology, English or History are also being contemplated. 

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