Tessica Brown, popularly known as the viral "Gorilla Glue Girl," recently shared devastating news to fans following her online success and new business launch.

Speaking to TMZ, Brown revealed that she could not sleep and suffered intense pain in her stomach last month. After this, she was rushed to the emergency room, where she found out that she had a miscarriage.

According to the viral star, the medical staff who assisted her in the hospital tried to hear a heartbeat from the child for 10 minutes. The doctors did an ultrasound where they confirmed that Brown had already lost her baby girl.

Brown stated that she was devastated, and she couldn't help but cry.

Tessica Brown receives more hate

After her devastating announcement, Brown receives more hate online as the news circulated.

"Why do we need to know about this? Sorry for her loss but why do we need to be told? I guess we should all be stupid and stick gorilla glue on our hair so we can get famous," one user wrote.

"I hate that she's a "celebrity" now and that y'all are broadcasting her pain. Smh sickos," another user wrote.

"man why yall on her f** ass ? Let it go b**ch," one tweeted.

Even though most of the responses to the news were negative, some users are still sending their love to Brown.

"Sorry no one deserves that and people who talk negatively at this time are what's wrong with this world. My prayers are with you sweetie. I've been there if you need to talk." one tweeted.

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Tessica Brown's Pregnancy

In early reports, the TikTok sensation first shared her pregnancy a few months back.

This is her first child with her fiance Dewitt Madison.

They were very excited because the couple is planning to merge their respective children as Brown had five children from her previous beau, and Madison had four kids. All in all, they were supposed to be a big family of 10.

Before her announcement, Brown had also revealed that she had a lump in her breasts when she visited Dr. Michael Obeng for a pre-surgery check-up. Fortunately, it was not cancerous.

How did "Gorilla Glue Girl" went viral?

Earlier this year, Brown took to TikTok to share her hairstyling mishap. She mentioned that she ran out of hairspray and used Gorilla Glue instead.

Little did she know, the adhesive spray that she used is incredibly sturdy, and it can't be washed out by water, it left her hair laid down flat and not moving. The company even described their product as "permanent."

Brown became a meme instantly when her video went viral; she even got a shoutout from Nicki Minaj in a new song.

After her success, she received thousands of dollars of donations through her GoFundMe page, and finally, a doctor helped her remove the product from her hair.

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