Michael B. Jordan is getting a lot of heat over the weekend after launching his new rum line called "J'Ouvert."

The "Black Panther" star had also trademarked the brand's name, and many claim that he's stealing from the Caribbean people.

Following this, a petition was made to stop Jordan's trademark. At the time of this writing, over 11,000 people had already signed it for the brand to take action.

According to the petitioner name Jay Blessed, the word "J'Ouvert" has a significant meaning to the Trinbagonian and Caribbean culture. They mentioned that Caribbean people are not powerless, and they are rich in history; that's why they're asking Jordan to stop the trademark.

"It's time we love ourselves enough to stop the sale of our culture to foreign entities that do not respect or value our global contributions, and who do not support and uphold our countries in respectful, long-lasting, tangible and verifiable ways!" the description reads.

Besides the petition, many Twitter users also chimed in to vent out their disappointment with the actor.

"The fact that @michaelb4jordan named his rum J'ouvert and thought it was a great idea to trademark the word blows my mind,he is literally benefiting off the word and the country is gaining nothing but some "free publicity" cultural appropriation definitely checked in on this one" one user wrote.

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Nicki Minaj reacts

After the backlash Jordan had received, the queen of rap Nicki Minaj- a Trinidad and Tobago native- took to her Instagram to defend the actor, but he asked him to change his brand's name after he was called out.

"I'm sure MBJ didn't intentionally do anything he thought Caribbean pppl would find offensive- but now that you're aware, change the name & continue to flourish and prosper." the rapper wrote. (read the full post below)

Michael B. Jordan nor his team has not publicly addressed the recent accusations against him.

There is still no further information on what will happen after the petition reached its goal of 15,000 signs.

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