Ed Sheeran faces an investigation after a neighbor spotted a new development in one of his $77 million property empires.

Insiders told The Sun that the Grammy-winning singer, who was previously forced to justify his home to council inspectors, will be investigated for the alleged new wooden gazebo on his property.

The complainer, who said to be one of his neighbors, saw the said gazebo in Ed Sheeran's jokey Instagram video where he chugged wine at his Suffolk estate.

According to the insider, "It begs belief that anyone would take the time to phone the council and complain about it but someone has."

The video was posted over a month ago with eagle-eyed complainers believe the gazebo wasn't there previously, and now, the neighbors are asking if he was even authorized to build in that area of his estate.

But the insider explained, "He had permission to build a bar area, with decking and a pizza oven, along with two barbecues."

"But whoever complained is saying that the gazebo was never there before."

They added, "Now the council is looking into whether he needs planning permission for it. Because his property is Grade Two listed, all sorts of hoops have to be jumped through if any work is done."

 The gazebo in question is the one spotted at Ed Sheeran's back.

Meanwhile, the East Suffolk council said in a statement to the outlet confirming they would do an internal probe with the structure of the "Thinking Out Loud" hitmaker's place.

They explained, "We are making enquiries to establish if there are any planning requirements."

Now, Ed Sheeran is at the mercy of his home's local authority over his planned improvements, right in the middle of his music comeback.

The 30-year-old is going to release his newest single, "Bad Habits," this Friday.

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Ed Sheeran's 16-Acre Estate in Framlingham, Suffolk

Ed Sheeran has used his money to good use, boasting a net worth of $200 million.

He used his fortune to invest in bricks and mortar in the last decade, now owning a portfolio of 30 homes worth $70 million.

But his main property is located in Suffolk, which is worth $5 million called "Sheeran-ville," where he, his wife Cherry Seaborn, and their daughter Lyra Antarcticacurrently live.

According to reports, he built a mini village and purchased lots in the area so he could get rid of the problem of his neighbors complaining about his building works.

The home includes a primary residence, three adjacent houses, and Wynneys Hall. The home also boasts a fruit orchard, a pond, luxury treehouse, a bar, a kitchen garden, a greenhouse, an indoor swimming pool, and a fitness complex.

There's also a recording studio, and in 2019, he requested permission to add a place of worship.

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