Queen Elizabeth II reportedly began the preparation to abdicate.

As early as last year's Trooping of Colour, talks about Queen Elizabeth II finally abdicating started to emerge. New Idea magazine even reported that the Queen almost gave up the role not until the COVID-19 pandemic occurred.

It came after one royal family biographer revealed it to The Telegraph. Last year, the news outlet also revealed that Her Majesty's reign is already over due to the pandemic.

"The Queen's reign is effectively over. Corona has practically put Charles on the throne," the biographer said. However, The Telegraph itself immediately refuted the statement as it clearly underestimated the Queen's capacity to adapt to challenges.

The same paper applauded how Queen Elizabeth II quickly made the best moves during the coronavirus era.

With that said, GossipCop safely reported that even after a year, the Queen still has no plans to give way for her son, Prince Charles.

For what it's worth, she continuously performed royal engagements amid the pandemic and after Prince Philip's death.

Recently, she attended the pared-back ceremony in Britain's Parliament. She met the members of the House of Lords before reading out a speech about Boris Johnson's government. Her son and future King, Prince Charles, sat beside her to fill the space Prince Philip left since retiring from public duties in 2017.

Will Queen Elizabeth II Ever Abdicate?

People should not ask when the Queen will abdicate. Instead, the question that lingers until now is whether she ever plans to do so.

For years, the statement said by Mrs. Margaret Rhodes, Queen Elizabeth II's first cousin, already answered the royal watchers' questions. She once told PEOPLE that Her Majesty pledged to offer her entire life serving the monarchy and kept that promise in a letter.

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If that is the case, then Prince Charles has no chance to be the King of the monarchy. However, he may slowly get to the throne of Her Majesty starts a period of regency.

The Regency Act allows the Queen to pass down most of her royal duties to the regent, but she will still technically be the Queen of the British Monarchy.

But until now, Buckingham Palace has not released a statement about Queen Elizabeth II's concrete plans.

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