John McAfee and his death sparked creepy conspiracy theories and involved Jeffrey Epstein's name.

After being charged with tax evasion in the U.S., McAfee entered the prison cell and was currently awaiting extradition in a Spanish prison.

However, only a week after Spain's National Court in Madrid approved his extradition to the U.S., the antivirus software magnate took his own life.

Authorities found his dead body inside his cell in Barcelona around 1:00 PM. Although the cause of death remains under investigation, the Catalonia regional government Justice Department said that he could have died by suicide.

His manner of death immediately sparked creepy conspiracy theories that lead Epstein to a trending list worldwide.

What Makes John McAfee's Death Questionable

Before his death, he tweeted on October 15, 2020, that he might kill himself ala Epstein.

"I am content in here. I have friends. The food is good. All is well. Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine," he wrote.

The mention of Epstein in his tweet refers to the convicted sex offender who infamously hanged himself inside his New York prison cell. Even Epstein's death caused massive theories to arrive as some people alleged that he was strangled to death before hanging him. Thus, he did not die by suicide.

Because of this, people began digging into McAfee's social media and found some possible hints that he might have been murdered, as well.

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In another post in November 2019, the 75-year-old said that if he died by suicide, then it means that the U.S. government officials "whacked" him. Even until now, no evidence could prove his claims about the U.S. government killing him.

Meanwhile, after his death has been reported, his official Instagram account posted a plain image of the letter "Q." This led to another conspiracy theory called QAnon.

This particular hypothesis came during the presidency of Donald Trump. The beliefs under this include talk about Trump secretly battling cannibalistic pedophiles who follow Satan.

In the weeks leading to his death, he expressed how contented he feels despite feeling the sorrow in prison.

McAfee's wife, Janice, put more fuel to the fire through a Father's Day post in which she speculated that the U.S. government is determined to kill him inside his cell.

As of the writing, none of these conspiracies have been proven true.

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