Olivia Rodrigo has an amazing year so far as her debut single "drivers license" topped the charts, and her debut album sold millions of copies worldwide.

The singer's fans, dubbed as "Livies," always loved and supported her, so recently, to give back to her supporters, she pulled off a grand gesture by visiting them in person.

A handful of "Livies" across Los Angeles, California, were shocked when the singer herself showed up in their house asking them to go to prom with her.

"olivia rodrigo missed out on prom so she went to her fans houses in la and did promposals inviting them to a private prom and gave away merch the most genuine angel ever WE MUST PROTECT HER FOREVER I LOVE HER SM" (read the full tweet below)

As seen on posts circulating the internet, Rodrigo gave her fans a purple t-shirt, a bouquet of flowers, and a box of sour patch with her face and name on it.

Rodrigo can also be seen holding a "Mean Girls" themed banner with the words "PROM would be brutal without you." referencing her song "Brutal."

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"Sour Prom" concert film

Following her promposal to fans, the "1 step forward, 3 steps back" hitmaker took to her social media to announce a prom-themed concert titled "Sour Prom."

The virtual show is free and can be streamed via her YouTube channel. It will air on Tuesday, June 29, at 11:30 PM (US Eastern time)

The singer described her show as "the ultimate alternative prom experience." Rodrigo is expected to sing her tracks from her debut record, "Sour."

Before the show starts, Rodrigo will be hosting a pre-launch virtual party where she's expected to answer fan questions as well as share behind-the-scenes footage from her concert.

Olivia Rodrigo's debut album success

"Sour" was released in May and is considered the biggest debut of any artist in 2021. It also got 295,000 sales on its first day.

Per NME, her debut single "drivers license" became a total hit as it remained as the number 1 song on charts for weeks.

Rodrigo was applauded by renowned musical artists from the industry like Taylor Swift.

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