"Wahlburgers" star Henry Laun, popularly known by his nickname "Nacho," was found unconscious in his vehicle at a gas station a few weeks ago and died at the hospital.

The devastating news left his friends, fans, and family to wonder why he died all of a sudden, until today, his death certificate was finally released.

According to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts document obtained by TMZ, Laun's shocking cause of death was a cocaine overdose.

It was listed in the paper as "complications of acute cocaine intoxication."

Henry Laun found unconscious

As we previously reported, Laun was found unconscious in his car while parked at a gas station. The incident happened when he took a stop from his road trip from Boston to Cape Cod.

After this, he was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth, MA, where he was placed on life support due to his difficulty in breathing.

He was pronounced dead on June 1 at 2:33 PM, and his remains were cremated on June 18.

His friends and family thought he would make it as he showed signs of recovery, but he never made it.

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Who is Henry "Nacho" Laun?

Laun was a close friend of actor Mark Wahlberg. According to A&E TV, he was a personal "entourage" of the star.

They first met in the 80s, where they had a feud at first but later reconciled and had a strong friendship for the following years.

The TV star was occasionally hired as a driver or security personnel while Wahlberg is filming a movie; the actor often sends him to Los Angeles to hang with him.

Besides being a close friend to the Wahlberg brothers, he's also a TV star as he appeared on the reality TV show "Wahlburgers," where he eats extreme amounts of food as a challenge.

Laun also appeared in movies such as "Ted" and its sequel film.

He was about to launch a reality TV show titled "Nacho Extreme Texas," but it was never released to the public.

Fans, family, and peers were devastated after his shocking death.

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