There have been reports about singer Olly Alexander potentially taking over the lead role in BBC's "Doctor Who", which sparked a lot of conversation on social media.

Sources reported earlier this year that 39-year-old Jodie Whittaker, the first-ever female 'Time Lord', will step down as the 13th lead after two specials in 2022.

The BBC series "Doctor Who" has their fans continue talking over who will be replacing Jodie Whittaker in her role despite rumors of leaving the show.

According to Huffington Post, the 30-year-old British musician found himself at the centre of rumours about succeeding Jodie Whittaker as the "Time Lord" on Sunday, June 27.

Whittaker is the 13th Doctor, and if she does leave the series at the end of the next season, she will follow David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who stars who left the series after three seasons each. 

The BBC responded to the rumor with a non-answer, "We won't be commenting on any speculation around Jodie's future on the show."

After all of these statements, nothing has been confirmed by the BBC. 

The "Years & Years" singer had acting credits in numerous shows, including "Skins," "Penny Dreadful," "The Riot Club," and the most recent, "It's A Sin." 

Olly Alexander's Management Speaks Up Regarding 'Doctor Who' Rumors

As of June 26, a source told Daily Star, "Olly is on the verge of being announced as the new Doctor. Negotiations are at an advanced stage.

Russell Davies, a former writer and producer of "Doctor Who," heavily promoted Olly for the BBC sci-fi role, as he worked closely with him on his "impressive" projects.

As reported by this article, Olly's management confirmed that the singer will not be replacing Jodie as the new Doctor, at the very least, not yet.

Martha Kinn, Olly's manager, went on Instagram on Sunday, June 27, to quash the Olly Alexander rumor. 

As her Instagram story, Martha says, "Even though Olly is often contacted by Cybermen. I'm afraid I have to exterminate this speculation. As nice as it is to see interest in this story regenerate. It just isn't true. As odd as it might sound, Olly is focusing on his music for the time being."

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Avid Watchers Share Thoughts On Social Media Amid Rumors

Numerous watchers defend Olly Alexander being the next 'Time Lord' and becoming the first-ever gay actor to portray the lead role.

Of course, fans of the singer are happy to see Olly be up on national television again after his last appearance back in February.

Just then, they continued to show the pure joy of seeing him as the new lead. 

Fans are loud and proud to see this new milestone in television history even though nothing is confirmed. 

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