A few members of the royal family will not attend the unveiling of Princess Diana's statue, including Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

For years, the royal couple avoided everything related to Princess of Wales. Thus, it is no longer surprising that they will be counted out from the event.

For what it's worth, the heir to the throne had an affair with Camilla while he was still married to the late princess. The infidelity also caused them to file for divorce.

Because of this awkward reason, Prince Charles and Camilla will not join the commemoration of the princess' life.

A source recently told The Times UK that if the two would appear together this week, it would dampen the meaningful celebration wholly.

"These moments have the potential to resurface old wounds, and it brings back memories for him; happy, sad, regretful. Since Diana's death, he has felt it's best to keep those memories to himself and leave his sons to it," the source revealed.

The Story of Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and Camilla

Princess Diana always wanted to have a strong family relationship. The cheating allegation came under the limelight when the Princess of Wales appeared in the bombshell Panorama interview.

According to her, Prince Charles restarted his romantic relationship with Camilla during their marriage. She told Martin Bashir that she could not do anything about his husband's affair anymore.

"But I wasn't in a position to do anything about it," Diana said. When asked how she knew, she said, "Oh, a woman's instinct is a very good one."

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Even at the beginning, they failed to established a strong relationship especially since their relationship abruptly progressed.

Princess Diana also talked about how she felt when Prince Charles infamously said "whatever love means" when asked whether he loved the princess. In addition, Channel 4 released the said clips in a documentary entitled "Diana: In Her Own Words," where she said that Prince Charles' answer "threw her completely and it traumatized her."

The network publicized her tapes with her voice coach, Peter Settelen, and divulged that they only met 13 times before they abruptly got married, including the days they dated.

They officially ended their marriage in 1992 and formally filed for divorce in 1996.

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