As if defeating Germany wasn't enough, England's football team now appears to have accomplished the near-impossible. Because it appears that the astonishing 2-0 victory has aided in the thawing of Princes William and Harry's chilly relationship. 

The two brothers have barely exchanged a word since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the Royal Family for the past 18 months.

Princes Harry and William Reportedly In Talks After The Football Match

Daily Mail reported that the brothers have been in contact recently ahead of the unveiling of a statue in memory of their late mother, Princess Diana.

There was also a claim that the Dukes of Sussex and Cambridge exchanged a few phone messages over England's win on Tuesday.

As insiders are quick to stress that it is far from a full-scale rapprochement, they have claimed this moment as the most positive sign yet that the estranged brothers will be able to put their differences for just one day.

'It is still far from good between them,' the source explained.

"But there has apparently been an exchange of messages, particularly about the football, which is a step in the right direction, if only to do honour to their mother."

The President of the Football Association, Prince William, attended the match at Wembley with his wife Kate and their football-mad eldest son Prince George.

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The Royal Family Looks Forward To Meeting Prince Harry's Family Once Again

Royal insiders also told that Harry had been told how much the family had wanted to see his two-year-old son Archie again as they look forward to returning to England soon.

It is also believed that the Cambridges have only peaked Baby Archie once or twice since he was born.

The statue unveiling of the late Princess has already been three and a half years overdue.

A large part of the reason why it was late is due to the relations between the brothers.

William is known to be deeply hurt and angry at how Harry got them heated up not just on his relationship with the monarchy but also on the family itself.

One impeccable source said they 'highly doubted' that the two brothers would ever regain 'even a semblance' of the closeness they once enjoyed.

But the source acknowledged there could be a hope for the brothers to make mends, enough at least for their children - who are cousins, after all - to develop some long-distance relationship.

Sources even added that it would be a "great shame" if the cousins never got the chance to know each other.

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