Meghan McCain shockingly announced her decision to leave "The View" on Thursday.

She has been on the show for four seasons and is expected to exist at the end of July, despite having two years remaining on her contract.

At the time she made her decision, a source told the Daily Mail that the other hosts were "not yet aware" that Meghan McCain was leaving "The View."

The source also added that they have tried to keep her on the show, but "she is adamant that now is the right time for her to leave."

Why Is Meghan McCain Leaving 'The View?'

At the beginning of Thursday's show, Meghan McCain announced that she is only finishing the current season, then will leave "The View" altogether.

She shared that "this wasn't an easy decision" as it took several "thoughts, counsels and prayers" before reaching it.

According to Page Six, ABC also begged Meghan to stay on the show, but their insider revealed that she said, "No. I'm done. I'm not staying anymore."

It was reported that one of the driving forces for the mom-of-one to quit the talk show is to spend more time with her husband Ben and their daughter Liberty in Washington D.C.

Another possible driving force may be due to her clashing with her co-hosts as of late and past conflicts with the network.

In 2019, she reportedly felt "dejected and sabotaged by her colleagues" at ABC and was already contemplating leaving the show. She was also said to be "miserable" at the network.

ABC also reportedly offered her a contributor role on ABC News, but Meghan McCain also turned it down, per a Page Six insider. "She's just had enough. She doesn't need it anymore."

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Who Will Replace Meghan McCain on 'The View?'

In the wake of Meghan McCain's announcement, a couple of social media users have already aired their thoughts on who should replace her seat on the table.

Here are some of them.

Ana Navarro

One name that often came up was Republican political strategist Ana Navarro, who also fills in on "The View" when some co-hosts are out.

Aside from spending a lot of time on the show, she also works on CNN and ABC News.

Now, fans are hoping she finally gets a permanent seat with her name on it.

Candace Owens

Another person who people have been suggesting is the controversial author and conservative commentator, Candace Owens.

She has been embroiled in several scandals for her comments in the past, including the BLM protests, abortion and immigration, and choosing Candace would be a bold pick for "The View."

S.E. Cupp

She has already been one of the guest co-hosts on "The View" when going through a panellist shuffle.

S.E. Cupp is a veteran of TV political commentary and an anti-Trump republican. She's also really close to Meghan McCain.

Kayleigh McEnamy or Kellyanne Conway

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnamy and Kellyanne Conway also possible if the show needs to get high ratings. Since it's for sure going to make people tune in to watch a "sh-t show."

At the end of the day, some fans don't mind who steps in for Meghan McCain. Some people would be happy with any other person, just as long as the show goes on.

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