Bill Cosby is not joking - he definitely wants to return to the comedy industry following his prison release.

A spokesperson revealed that Cosby currently hopes for his comeback after spending two years of three to 10 years of the sentence.

Andrew Wyatt told Fox News this week that the 83-year-old actor wants to regain his glory and do comedy stints again. He added that the disgraced comedian particularly aims to imbue his stand-up career.

"He wants to get back on stage sooner or later," he said, before adding that several comedy club owners already contacted him for gigs.

Through his active years, Cosby has been publicly known for the success of "The Cosby Show." His fame rocketed in the 1960s when he was working as a stand-up comic at the hungry i.

He built his records even more by releasing comedy albums in the past years. One of which even earned him a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album consecutively from 1965 to 1970.

Among his creations include "Bill Cosby Is A very Funny Fellow...Right!" under Warner Bros, "To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With," and "For Adults Only."

Bill Cosby Unleashes Comedic Side - But It Might Be Short-Lived

Even before his potential return, Cosby already enjoyed the first hours of his freedom by sharing laughs in a Philadelphia restaurant.

Per Wyatt, he told jokes until the early hours of the morning after treating him a pizza in the unnamed food place.

However, his plans immediately got threats as his accusers and celebrities disapproved of his release. Since he came out of the prison, supporters of the biggest movements in the world - including #MeToo and Time's Up, called out the court and Cosby.

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The founding member of Time's Up, Actress Amber Tamblyn, expressed how furious she felt upon hearing the news. She noted that she personally knows a number of women who became Cosby's victims.

"Today's news that Cosby's conviction is being overturned is proof we haven't gone far enough. Our justice system MUST change," she wrote on Twitter.

Most celebrities also stood with all the accusers and slammed the prosecutors for the damaging mistake of freeing the disgraced star.

Cosby sexually assaulted and abused more than 60 people since the 1980s. Thus, it is no wonder how the situation became him against the world now.

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