Bill Cosby, through his spokesman, revealed the life he had during his jail time.

Following his release from prison, Cosby reflected on the time he spent behind the bars and how the people treated him.

On Wednesday, the disgraced actor officially saw the outside world again after serving two years of a three- to 10-year sentence. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the conviction after discovering that District Attorney Kevin Steele violated an agreement.

His prison time already dented his life as a celebrity. Despite that, Cosby's spokesperson Andrew Wyatt expressed how grateful the actor is to have proper treatment inside the prison.

In a statement to Fox News, Wyatt said that the prison's staff treated the actor the way how everybody should be treated. This confirmed that no mistreatment happened to him during his stay.

He added that Cosby helped so many people in the prison that he considered it as "his platform" now.

The Heartbreaking Part of Bill Cosby's Arrest

Despite the positive approach he enjoyed, Cosby also experienced heartbreak as he never received any visitors except Wyatt himself.

In the last two years, not even his wife Camille was able to visit him.

"His wife has not seen him in almost three years. I was his only visitor. He's going to get back to his family [now,]" the spokesperson said. He clarified that the lack of visitors was not caused by repercussions.

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While he was allowed to receive visitors, Cosby arranged the rule himself since seeing his family might take away his mental toughness.

Cosby saw Wyatt for the last time on March 8, 2020, before the authorities prevented people from exposing prisoners to COVID-19.

Cosby's Health Status Was Alarming?

Apart from emotional and mental health, the actor's physical health also created buzzes.

Ahead of his sentencing, the public witnessed him walking to and from the court as he guided himself with a wooden cane.

Wyatt confirmed this time that until now, Cosby is still 100 percent blind.

"He's blind due to Glaucoma. He went blind six and a half, seven years ago. He used [a cane] to help him feel and hit against things when walking but now we're just leading him out now," he explained.

In the end, he claimed that the actor should have never been charged and convicted.

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