Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, are so tired of their son Chet Hanks, embroiled in many legal things in the last couple of months.

In April, the famous couple's son was hit with a civil lawsuit with his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker. She accused Chet of physically abusing her during her relationship.

Per People magazine, she is seeking $1 million in damages.

Later on, Chet accused his ex of being the attacker. He claims that Kiana came to him with a knife.

As of writing, the lawsuit is ongoing. But one major update about this entire thing is that Chet cannot rely on his parents for money anymore.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who have a combined net worth of $500 million, have officially cut Chet off financially.


Kiana told Radar online that though their relationship was "okay," Chet Hanks "wasn't okay."

She may know why the celebrity parents won't be giving their son dough anymore. Kiana, at the time of their relationship, said she wasn't being treated poorly.

But Chet was dealing with his parents saying no to his monetary requests.

"He was just dealing with his mom and dad cutting him off because he started drinking and smoking weed again, and that wasn't in their rule book to support him."

She further detailed what was happening, saying, "His apartment was up, his roommate was moving and he didn't have anywhere to go."

Kiana Parker revealed she helped Chet Hans look for a place to live in. "He would have bad days when he would get texts from his parents and fight so many demons and so many issues."

Are Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Bad Parents?

According to Kiana, she grew up with her parents' love and support. It was said to be their "way of healing and getting through things."

But with her ex-boyfriend, she realized that "you can't find anyone else's demons."

Though Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson weren't perfect parents the public deserved to be, Chet's problems, the main problem, are with his parents.

"So he's dealing with that and was dealing with trying to stay sober with no drinking, but he's back doing that."

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Chet Hanks Doing All Of This For The Clout?

Kiana Parker also claimed that the videoof Chet Hanks seeming to reel from their physical fight was made up.

She told Radar Online, "He wanted to paint this picture, but I don't have it in my heart to stab anyone."

Amid all of the issues, Kiana believes that her ex is just doing this for clout.

"He's doing things to make quick money. He's doing things for clout."

They had a good relationship, and she even said that there's a side to Chet "that's loving and show his real life."

However, as soon there was Instagram or had to record something, "he was gonna put out he's 'Chet.'"

"It's kinda like, 'Who are you today?'"

At the end of the day, Kiana Parker just wants an apology from Chet Hanks.

"An apology is an apology. If you can't do that then you really just need to look in the mirror and do some self-work."

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