Prince Charles isn't discussing his plans with Queen Elizabeth II just yet, as he's worried he might upset her.

It's a well-known fact that the Prince of Wales wants to slim down the British royal family. According to one royal expert, he has avoided talking about the future of the Monarchy because he might risk ending his mother's reign prematurely.

Prince Charles also doesn't want any changes in the current routine of Her Majesty, who is approaching 70 years on the throne.

Though many people would want to know what those big plans are when he becomes king, and who will be part of the slimmed-down Monarchy, Angela Levin told Tortoise media, "One reason you can't know about his plans is that Prince Charles has loads of plans for changing the monarchy but he doesn't want to upset the Queen."

Levin added how Queen Elizabeth II is used to things that have been going on for years, and the Duke of Cornwall believes that if he starts talking about it, he is "wanting her to die, which he does not."

In fact, Prince Charles "kept a lot of it back because she is happy with things as they are, they have been the same for a very long time."

According to reports, the future King of England wants to remove certain people in the Monarchy to save costs and not burden the taxpayer.

He will reportedly retain just a small group of working royals.

It is said that Princess Anne, Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Edward, Sophie Wessex, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and the Queen will be representing the Crown in the future.

There has also been speculation that Prince Charles will alter royal titles and create new positions under his big plans.

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Last year, he and Prince William already became more present at several functions as the Queen reportedly prepares to step down soon.

The Queen, Prince Charles and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were present at last month's G7 summit, where the former talked about climate change.

"So, if you don't mind me saying so, we must also do it for the planet," the dad-of-two said.

"My sustainable markets initiative has brought together over 300 global CEOs forming a coalition of the willing."

Following the death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, in April, plans have already been set into motion to scale down the workload for Queen Elizabeth II.

Once those plans become permanent, she will reportedly relocate to Windsor, moving away from the official residence Buckingham Palace.

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