Daniel Mickelson shocked the entire world when his sister announced he died on July 4.

Meredith Mickelson first announced on Monday about the news of his brother, saying that her heart is "shattered."

However, another heartbreaking thing was recently discovered - and that was Daniel has just celebrated his first anniversary with girlfriend Maddie Haley in May.

A series of Instagram pictures posted two months ago showed the couple kissing longingly in one photo, and in another, Daniel seemed to have surprised Maddie with a bouquet of red roses.

A picture of the pair all smiles as they searched for pumpkin and a blurry selfie picture of the couple with an overlooking view.

Other pictures also showed the pair hugging and being sweet, while Maddie also shared solo pictures of Daniel Mickelson.

She captioned the post, "A whole trip around the sun with my best friend. Happy one year Daniel. I love you more than I can put in words. Can't wait for more with you."


Who Is Daniel Mickelson's Girlfriend Maddie Haley?

Not much is known about Maddie Haley as she seems to be in school but has a significant social media presence.

Maddie is studying to be a nurse at Auburn University in Alabama.

She is reportedly a member of the Pi Beta Phi Sorority at the University. Currently, Maddie has over 51.6k followers on Instagram and about 97k followers on TikTok.

She mainly featured Daniel Mickelson on her Instagram and TikTok pages.

What Daniel Mickelson's GF Said About His Death

Daniel Mickelson's final Instagram post showed pictures of him on hikes to Hawaii and several images of his girlfriend, Maddie Haley.

Maddie also broke her silence on her beau's death, writing on Instagram how everything felt surreal and that she doesn't want it to be real.

"Last night I lost my best friend in the whole world. I feel like my hearts been ripped out of my chest. Daniel you were the kindest person I have ever met."

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Daniel Mickelson Cause of Death

As of writing, Daniel Mickelson's death was confirmed by the Los Angeles Coroner's office. However, the cause of death is unknown at the time.


Daniel Mickelson's Family Releases Official Statement

The Mickelson family has officially shared a statement regarding the death of Daniel Mickelson, calling it a "devastating loss."

They described the actor as a "bright light to all as well as an endless source of positive energy and love that can never be replaced."

Celebrity friends of Daniel also paid their respects.

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