Carroll Baker is convinced that Bill Cosby's sexual assault convictions are false, saying, "I don't think it was his fault."

During an interview, the Hollywood actress claimed to be heartbroken over the sexual assault charges that Cosby faced.

Baker continued that he "did not deserve at his age" to go to jail and because of "the condition he's in."

According to sources, the actress had called Bill "wonderful," and described him as "a very sexy man," before confessing that she finds the actor, not at fault.

"He's a wonderful human being, absolutely wonderful, and I can't bear the fact that he's in prison," Carrol said to the interviewer.

The "Baby Doll" star had instead blamed the victims saying, "They did it voluntarily... Why would you go into a secluded place with a man?"

Carroll continued to rant about how "these women" take years to confess to "ruin a man's career."

"We're not in the 18th century where we were wearing hoop skirts. Women, stick up for yourself and stop playing like you're such a little girl!" the actress exclaimed.

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Twitter Tells Carroll Baker to 'Shut The F-ck Up' After Defending Bill Cosby

News about Carroll Baker's sentiments on Bill Cosby's court charges had already spread on Twitter, and people have similar thoughts.

People have deemed the actress irrelevant. One person said, "Carroll Baker, much like her career, is a joke."

  "Actress Carroll Baker supports Rape," another user called out Baker for victim-blaming and siding with Bill Cosby.

Others are straight to the point with their tweets, "Carol Baker can shut the f-ck up, too."

  This user made fun of Carroll's old age, "You really can't fault this lady after all she is 90 years old and probably doesn't have full control over all her faculties."

Overall the online community is finding her statements "really gross" and having none of it.

One of Bill Cosby's Victims Was Also His Personal Assistant During 'The Cosby Show'

Patte O'Connor had been 24 when she first met Bill Cosby, and she was offered a glass of wine and blackout.

Cosmopolitan reports that Patte had been an assistant director at Clemson University's homecoming event where Bill Cosby guested.

O'Connor only realized what had happened in the hotel room with Cosby after hearing several women confess to having the same experience.

"I had repressed the traume for so long that the aftermath of admitting it, of coming forward, was brutal," the victim confessed during the interview.

As of June 30, Cosby is now released from jail. The comedian was seen leaving SCI Phoenix in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, at around 2:30 PM.

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