"American Horror Story" has been a very successful TV show franchise over the past decade as they bagged a handful of awards and praises from critics. Recently, producer Ryan Murphy revealed a new upcoming spin-off of the show, and some fans are disappointed.

Murphy took to his social media accounts to announce the title and cast members.

The announcement was through an eerily disturbing video (similar to their previous ones) that shows an old television flashing the actors' names on the screen.

Matt Bomer, who appeared on "AHS: Hotel" with Lady Gaga, is coming back to play the role of Michael. Gavin Creel, Sierra McCormick, Ashley Martin Carter, Paris Jackson, Belissa Escobedo, Kaia Gerber, and more are expected to star in the upcoming series.

In total, Murphy revealed at least 20 cast members, but he mentioned that there are more to be unveiled in the future. "this isn't even the half of it," he wrote in a tweet.

He also revealed the title of the show, which is "American Horror Stories."

At the time of this writing, spoilers about the plot have not reached Reddit yet, but the show is an anthology series wherein there's a different story in each episode, similar to the hit Netflix series "Black Mirror."

"The brand new anthology series begins streaming July 15 only on #FXonHulu." Murphy concluded his post.

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Why are fans disappointed after the teaser release?

Following Ryan Murphy's announcement, many fans seem to be demanding as they want to bring other cast members and revive previous TV shows produced by Murphy.

"BRING SCREAM QUEENS BACK FIRST," one fan wrote along with a "fan-cam" of the show starring Emma Roberts.

"*me crossing my fingers that the original cast will be in it too*" one tweeted.

Other fans also pointed out the lack of promotion for "AHS: Double Feature."

"darling we need more promotional material for Double Feature.. it feels rather dry init. Like it's right around the corner and all we got is a poster or two.." one fan wrote describing the other upcoming series, which will be released in August.

What happened to "AHS: Double Feature?"

Fans should calm down as the upcoming season will still push through despite the newly announced anthology series.

More recently, "Double Feature's" first episode was confirmed by Ryan Kiera Armstrong through Instagram.The title is "Cape Fear," which many fans believe a remake of the 1962 psychological thriller film of the same name.

The said movie was also remade by the iconic film director Martin Scorsese in 1991.

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