A judge confirmed that "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Erika Jayne may also be held responsible for the settlement funds of the victims that got their money stolen by ex-husband Tom Girardi.

According to ET, Girardi's former clients, Joseph, Jaime, and Kathleen Ruigomez, were given $11 million in a 2020 lawsuit.

Yet, the judge put a hold on collections against Girardi's assets and those from his law firm, "Girardi & Keese," as they filed for bankruptcy later in the year.

Erika Jayne in Trouble

As said on the latest judge ruling, the judge allowed the Ruigomez family to file a collections lawsuit against the 49-year-old star Erika Jayne, according to court documents obtained by Us Weekly.

The Ruigomez family were given a chance to move forward with their lawsuit as a counsel found their law firm transferred $20 million to the reality star's businesses.

"All assets identified by the Ruigomez family shall be subject to all rights of the Girardi bankruptcy estate and the [Girardi Keese] bankruptcy estate," the latest court documents stated.

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"The Housewife and the Hustler" Documentary 

ABC News documentary "The Housewife and the Hustler" also examined the legal battle between the Ruigomez family and Tom Girardi as they explored the allegations of embezzlement against the couple.

The documentary also included the lawsuit filed against the pair in December on behalf of families who lost their loved ones on the Lion Air Flight 610 crash in October 2018.

According to that suit, Girardi allegedly embezzled the settlement money that was supposed to go to the family members of the victims.

The ex-couple were also accused of using that money to fund their extravagant lifestyles and allegedly pay off credits to save Girardi's law firm.

Reported in February and March, Girardi was placed under a temporary conservatorship and said to be suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Subsequently, the court ordered the reality star's divorce lawyer, accountant, and the landlord to provide her financial records amid the ongoing investigation.

By late July, the two are set for examination, as court documents stated, along with their requested documents.

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