Shortly after his reunion with Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck is already showing signs that he's willing to take this relationship so much farther than the first time they entered into a relationship. From his recent action, Ben Affleck is showing signs of being ready to be a father to Jennfer's teenage daughter. 

According to Radar Online, Ben Affleck is not only Jennifer Lopez's knight in shining armor, he's so willing to be that to her daughter too. The actor, 48, quickly sprang into action when 13-year-old Emme was recently caught in a chaotic situation. 

First though, it could be commented on how sweet the actor was in taking Emme and her best friend book shopping on Tuesday while Jennifer Lopez stayed behind in the car. Neither Affleck nor Lopez probably thought things could become quite complicated. However, the paparazzi caught wind of where the duo was located.

When Affleck, Emme and her friend exited the bookstore, the persistent paps started to crowd the teens. 

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This pushed the actor into a protective mode. He quickly put his hand on Emme's back and guided her past shutterbugs. It is apparent from the two young girls' faces that they were bewildered by what is happening, and probably felt grateful that Affleck was there to protect them. 

In her simple green shirt and and flannel tee, Emme did not resist the help and just followed Affleck's lead so they can all get to safety. While the paps probably meant no harm and just wanted more pictures of the reunion between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, there is no telling what could happen. Plus, being crowded is never fun for a teen.

Affleck also guided Emme's friend, while J.Lo reportedly fondly looked on the quite touching scene.

Affleck was also photographed asking the  paparazzi to keep their distance from the girls as he opened their car door so the two can get in.

Even though their reconcilation is just two months in, reports are clear that the two are willing to embrace each other's kids.

According to Page Six, a few days ago, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck decided it was finally time for their children to meet each other and took them all into a theme park. 

Photos obtained revealed the couple at Universal Studios Hollywood on Friday with their respective kids in tow. Lopez's 13-year-old twins, Max and Emme, and Affleck's son, Samuel, 9 can all be spotted, getting acquainted and having fun. 


All were in casual clothing and looking ready to have some innocent fun. People at the park were quite respectful of their time and space.

"They looked like they were just two people walking around - not a single person came up to them," an eyewitness said.

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