Vanessa Bryant has new evidence to prove that her mother is lying in court. Sofia Laine has been consistently saying that Vanessa's husband, NBA star, Kobe Bryant promised to support her for the rest of her life. Vanessa is now saying she can prove this is not the case. 

According to the court documents obtained by Radar Online, Vanessa is adamant that her husband made no promise to her mom that he would foot all her bills, which can be "proven" by how Sofia acted on her own divorce case against her ex-husband.

Vanessa submitted a bunch of evidence, mostly from the filings of Sofia's own divorce. Back in 2008 and 2009, Sofia was fighting her ex-husband over spousal support. At the time, her ex husband was refusing to give monthly support because he said Kobe was already supporting Sofia, anyway. 

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In fighting back, Sofia denied that she was being supported by Kobe.

Sofia even told the court that Kobe had no obligation to provide to her. Her ex also brought about tabloid reports claiming she was given a home by Vanessa worth $1 million.

Sofia herself claimed these tabloid reports were  "absolutely false."

"I would never permit Vanessa to do such a thing. I have not and do not (nor should I be required to) rely on Vanessa for my support." Kobe's widow believes the records show her mom is not being truthful in the present case," Sofia said at the time.

However, it appears that Vanessa Bryant's mom now changed her tune, completely, claiming she is now struggling because for too long, she had been under the financial care of Kobe. In exchange, she had been helping Vanessa raise her kids.

This is not the first time Vanessa alleged Sofia's divorce case as a way to refute her mom's allegations, but this is the first time court documents were obtained to serve as receipts. 

When news broke out of Sofia suing Vanessa over Kobe's alleged broken promises, Vanessa quickly made a statement to say the lawsuit is frivolous and if Kobe was still alive, he would surely be disappointed with how Sofia is acting - devoid of compassion and empathy for her own's daughter's grief. 


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