Meghan Markle is ready for the world to see Pearl, the working title of a family animation series for Netflix that her and Prince Harry's Archewell Productions developed for Netflix. From the description of the series, it can be felt that the main character actually resembles Markle and her personal journey of self-discovery.

Meghan and Prince Harry's Archewell Productions announced on Wednesday that it is developing a new animated series for Netflix. Created by Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, it has the working title of "Pearl."

Presently, what is known about it is that it is a family series revolving around a 12-year-old girl's "heroic adventure as she learns to step into her power and finds inspiration from influential women throughout history." This is what Netflix shared in its press release about the series.

From that one statement alone, it can already be felt that the series truly had Meghan Markle's touch. 

The Duchess will be the series' executive producer, a role she would share with David Furnish, Carolyn Soper, Liz Garbus, Dan Cogan and Amanda Rynda.

Markle herself made a statement about this series, and the heroine. 

"Like many girls her age, our heroine Pearl is on a journey of self-discovery as she tries to overcome life's daily challenges," Meghan said in a statement.

She revealed how happy she is to be a main figure on this project.

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"I'm thrilled that Archewell Productions, partnered with the powerhouse platform of Netflix, and these incredible producers, will together bring you this new animated series, which celebrates extraordinary women throughout history. David Furnish and I have been eager to bring this special series to light, and I am delighted we are able to announce it today," she added. 

It can be remembered that following their decision to live as commoners in the United States, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a multiyear deal with Netflix. Their production company, Archewell Productions is set to make documentaries, docu-series, feature films, scripted shows and children's programming solely for the streaming giant. In their statement, the two said their move makes so much sense, given who they are and what they love to do. 

Despite the controversies they have figured in, it can be noticed that one thing they have been steadfast in is their goal to contribute to a better and more compassionate world. This Netflix deal is just one more platform to do so.

"Our lives, both independent of each other, and as a couple have allowed us to understand the power of the human spirit: of courage, resilience, and the need for connection," Meghan and Harry said in a statement at the time. "Through our work with diverse communities and their environments, to shining a light on people and causes around the world, our focus will be on creating content that informs but also gives hope," they added. 

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