Sources claimed that the recently released "American Horror Story" spin-off from Hulu was a copy of the first franchise "Murder House."

The first two episodes of the anthology series feature the same house introduced in the first season.

This source noticed a parallel between the "Murder House' Season 1 and the most recent one, with the occupants being the only difference.

A familiar emotional bathroom scene in the spin-off mirrored Violet's suicide attempt in the first season.

The 10th season is divided into two parts beginning with the "Rubber(wo)Man" spin-off then followed by "Double Feature."

"American Horror Story" spin-off is now available on Hulu, and the second installment will premiere in August.

'American Horror Story' Reveals Cast and Confirms Sarah Paulson as Director

The "American Horror Story" reported Sarah Paulson will be a part of the cast and new director of the show.

According to Daily Mail, after appearing multiple times and in different seasons, the former cast member will now be directing behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, AHS co-creator Ryan Murphy had revealed the cast by posting the trailer on Instagram with the caption, "Killer Looks."

Kaia Gerber and Sierra McCornick's kissing scene was included leading the audience to assume that the actresses are lovers.

The trailer ends with Kaia running towards the infamous "AHS Murder House" to greet her girlfriend.

The show will also present new and old faces in the upcoming episodes, including Dyllon Burnside and Nico Greetham.

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Michael Jackson Daughter- Paris Jackson Will Star in 'American Horror Story'

Fans of Paris Jackson react to her announcement.

Paris had first posted about her participation in the series on her Instagram, "humbled, ex[c]ited, and beyond grateful to announce that I am in American horror stories !"

Paris tweeted out, "To see my name in the AHS font... f-cking dream come true," and avid fans then quote tweeted her post with their reaction. Some of them will have to catch up with the new season, "I was not planning on tuning into this, but now I have to,"

"I am so happy that your presence in the series has been confirmed, you deserve it, all the best to you, I admire, and I love you very much," said another fan.

The official account of "AHS" even responded to numerous avid watchers, including a post, "Our dream or yours?" to which Paris replied, "how is my real life omg."

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