Joyce MacKenzie, who famously played the role of Jane in "Tarzan and the She-Devil," has died at the age of 95.

A new report by The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the tragic news, revealing that it first heard about the update from MacKenzie's son, Norman Leimert.

According to Leimert, the actress died on June 10 while staying at a medical facility in Hollywood. He refused to reveal more details about her passing and did not confirm whether the cause of death was health-related or a natural cause.

Following the heartbreaking revelation, several internet users remembered her former works before her retirement.

Author Bob Calhoun said, "Jane from Tarzan and the She Devil was from Redwood City! Joyce MacKenzie, RIP. This is one of the better of the original studio Tarzan movies BTW, & how could it not be? Raymond Burr plays the ivory poaching heavy!"

Indeed, despite her short-lived career, MacKenzie established a notable name in Hollywood.

RIP, Joyce MacKenzie

The retired actress initially worked as a carpenter's helper during World War II. She then worked as a cashier at the Pasadena Playhouse where she was scouted to be an actress.

Her early works include "Tomorrow is Forever," "The Kid from Brooklyn," "Whirpool," and "Twelve O'Clock High."

Although she mostly played uncredited roles, MacKenzie built her empire, even more, when she worked with James Stewart (Broken Arrow), Robert Mitchum (The Racket), and Humphrey Bogart (Deadline - U.S.A).

MacKenzie's biggest break then arrived in 1953 when she played the role of Jane in "Tarzan and the She-Devil."

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She bid goodbye to her acting career in 1961 after appearing in an episode of CBS's "Perry Mason." After stepping out of the spotlight, she worked as an assistant producer at ABC.

The former actress also found love in teaching that she served her last active years being an English teacher.

Before her death, she got married thrice. She tied knots with Walter H. Leimert Jr. in 1952 before divorcing in 1960. She went on to marry Robert L. Driver the following year and shared five years of relationship before calling it quits.

Her last love was Victor Benedict Hassing, who she married in 1972 and lost in 1980 following his death.

Joyce MacKenzie was survived by her two sons, Norman and Walter.

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