After 25 years of fans asking for a sequel, "Space Jam: A New Legacy" has already begun premiering nationwide.

Starring Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James, who was made digital by executive producers from Warner Brothers. The basketball player had admitted his faults for the bad acting, "Athletes acting, that never goes well," James said.

Based on this article, LeBron had feared the possibility of "Space Jam 2" becoming a "dumb movie."

The main character's concern is how the audience relates to the "Casablanca" vibes and stomach the violence as most of them are kids.

However, the age demographic has changed drastically as the adults who grew up on "Space Jam" are the primary audience this time around. The "Space Jam" sequel is available in theaters and on HBO Max.

'Space Jam: A New Legacy' Impresses Audience Despite Tough Critics

After receiving heavy criticism before premiering, "Space Jam 2" has proven itself to be "A New Legacy."

The general reaction is good, "[I] had fun spotting different characters from different series. Sure it's not like the first one, but still. Hopefully, we can see more of the tunes in the future"

Others have begun comparing it to the original, "They actually give LeBron a reason to be in the movie and also give the Looney Tunes actual jokes to work off of. Watch the movie."

"If you expect Denzel [Washington] type acting, you gon be tight, but this def a great spin-off [to] the original in my opinion, fire movie for the kids," said one person.

  This mom even mentioned LeBron, "@KingJames My two sons and I are huge fans of yours. We just wanted to tell you that we loved the movie."

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Director Malcolm D. Lee Wants Dwayne Johnson on 'Space Jam 3'?

After a successful sequel due to the great reception and reviews about "Space Jam: A New Legacy," questions are now being asked.

According to sources, the director answered "I never say never" to the inquiry about the possibility of "Space Jam 3."

At the time of the interview, Lee had been concerned about the fan's reaction to the sequel. He said, "It's all going to be about whether the fans respond to this positively."

Malcolm also expressed that expectations had "been set too high" for the leading role candidate as the original had Michael Jackson and LeBron's sequel.

When asked about "the next global superstar" to feature in the "Space Jam" Series, the director already had an answer.

Lee had his eyes set on Dwayne Johnson for the leading role as his wrestling skills are suitable for the part.

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