Emma Thompson once received a royal honor - but failed to score a kiss from Prince William!

During the Euro 2020, Priyanka Chopra became the subject of news outlets as she reportedly snubbed Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

Although this may be shocking to some, the incident actually looked like a history that just repeated itself.

In 2018, a similar incident happened when Emma Thompson received the status of Dame Commander of the British Empire by William.

During that time, the 62-year-old actress recalled the awkward moment she shared with the Duke of Cambridge.

She told the reporters how much she loved the royal prince to the point that she tried to kiss him.

"I've known him since he was little, and we just sniggered at each other. I said, 'I can't kiss you, can I?' And he said, 'No, don't!'" she recalled.

Despite that, she complimented the future King for looking so wonderful as a royal. Thompson also received an explanation from Prince William as to why she could not kiss her.

Per the British filmmaker, the royal prince told him to enjoy the day since it was about her. The duke reportedly asked her to stop talking about him as they reserved the day exclusively to honor her.

Prince William's Snubbing Game

While Thompson had a "closure" following the rejection, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge suffered from a similar incident recently.

A clip of Chopra attending the Wimbledon tournament went viral this week. In the said video, she can be seen ignoring the royals who entered the Royal Box. The 38-year-old looked away and rearranged her scarf before the couple passed by her.

One royal commentator, per India Times, claimed that Chopra chose not to greet them due to her friendship with Meghan Markle. For what it's worth, the former Fab Four still has not resolved the issues they had in the past years.

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Chopra became friends with the Duchess of Sussex during the ELLE Women in Television dinner back in 2016. At that time, Meghan reportedly told the actress her story as a royal and the adjustments she made to fit in.

As of the writing, neither Chopra nor the Cambridges' team already commented on the snubbing incident. Regardless of what truly happened, the encounter might be normal for someone whose friend is still not on good terms with the royals.

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