Angelina Jolie's son Pax finds no reason to panic about any questions surrounding the legitimacy of his older brother Maddox's adoption. Amidst the said brewing trouble, the 17-year-old was spotted in a rare outing, looking carefree.

Pax was seen without any worry for what it would mean for his family if the allegations that  Maddox's birth parents might be alive are true. He did not seem bothered by the fact that something illegal could have taken place when allegedly, Maddox was sold back in 2002 for only $100.

As Radar Online earlier reported, filmmaker Elizabeth Jacobs is said to be starting an an investigation that will focus on Lauryn Galindo, the person behind several alleged "unethical" Cambodian adoptions, reportedly including Maddox's.

She however, has already clarified that she has no plans to focus on Maddox's adoption or even touch upon it. 

It's not her purpose or intention.

The filmmaker behind the documentary has released a statement and said, "First and foremost, this documentary is NOT focused on, or investigating the adoption process of Angelina Jolie's son, Maddox. Jolie's family is not involved in any way with the project, and we would not open any sort of investigation targeted at any individual without their knowledge and approval." 

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She also clarified that none of the families who adopted through Galindo's efforts knew of her illegal actions. In this case, if Jolie's adoption of Maddox is indeed illegal, she would have no knowledge of it.

What the filmmaker's intentions were to just shed light on the issue, and reveal the progress made in Cambodia over the past two decades as to international adoptions.

Angelina is said to have gotten Galindo's aid in 2002 to help her obtain Maddox from the poverty-stricken country. It was already hinted by some insiders in the past that the Cambodian child welfare workers believe that Maddox may have been sold by his birth mother for only  $100.

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Kek Galibru, the head of the human rights agency Licadho, once revealed that he has his doubts about Maddox's adoption process. "I'm sure that this child [Maddox] was not a real orphan and was not abandoned," he said.

In the past, Angelina has made the statement that Maddox's adoption is 100% legit. 

"I would never rob a mother of her child. I can only imagine how dreadful that would feel," she once said, which is now being questioned.