Are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian back together? The two are reportedly spotted looking cozy with each other thar rumors about them reconciling quickly surfaced.

According to Radar Online, they were reportedly seen back in a place meaningful to both of them - the place where Kanye West proposed to Kim. Not only that, they were also seen with their four kids in tow - leaving no doubt to anyone's minds that this is an intimate family affair.

Witnesses reportedly seen the two looking quite happy to be in each other's company. They were in good spirits when they were enjoying the Asian Art Museum specifically. This, in spite of their ongoing $2.1 billion divorce battle

Radar reported that the two toured the venue on Saturday morning even before the museum officially opened for the usual visitors.

The outing was confirmed by the associate communications director for the museum.

"We opened a little early for them, to avoid a spectacle, and give them some independence and privacy," Zac Rose told the news outlet. The family was there to witness the brand new "teamLab: Continuity exhibition."

"Kanye is a fan of teamLab, a Tokyo-based international art collective that uses digital tools to create immersive, dynamic ecosystems that dissolve the boundary between visitor and artwork," he explained.

The first sighting and report was made by Deuxmol

An insider claimed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, despite their differences and their pending battle, are quite a pro at co-parenting their kids. "I didn't see any nannies but they had security with them," a source revealed.

Rumors of a romantic reconciliation however have got to stop. They should not be sparking up whenever the two are spotted together.

According to an insider, the two may have enjoyed their time together in this family affair, but nothing looked "romantic" between them at all. 

"It didn't look romantic between them," the insider continued, "but it's clear that they are friends and getting along great." 

What is more important is that their kids enjoyed their time bonding with each other, learning something new, and spending time with both of their parents.

The source claimed this was achieved by the estranged couple for the kids. Reportedly, the kids "were running around laughing and looked really happy," the source said.

Unfortunately, the fun bonding only reportedly lasted for 60 minutes. Not quite enough, but would have to do for now.