Alaya High, better known as the rapper That Girl Lay Lay, sets the record straight on the beef involving her and Kim Kardashian and North West, in a radio interview with Audacy V-103 in Atlanta.

The drama exploded on social media after Lay Lay wrote in a now-deleted post on Instagram, "@kimkardashian texted me to take down the new TikTok video with North in it. I don't know why... They invited ME to their house. This industry SUCKS! I asked what did I do wrong and they didn't answer me. So confused on what this industry is... just trying to make good positive music."

On the other hand, the Kardashian camp argued that the takedown request came after the video was recorded without permission from parents of North West. Furthermore, the video was supposedly used "in a professional capacity." 

Now, Lay Lay had the chance to clear the air with Audacy V-103 host Big Tigger, first clarifying that her Instagram page is run by her parents - specifically her dad, Acie. She then told Tigg that she did visit the Kardashian residence twice and recorded videos showing North West dancing to her songs and that Kim's team approved the videos for social media posting.

That Girl Lay Lay on the Supersize XL Music Video
(Photo : That Girl Lay Lay YouTube Channel)

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"The second time, we did the same thing that I did the first time, which we made TikToks and videos, which they said that I was secretly recording- which is not true," the 14-year-old rapper said in her Audacy interview. She continued she was around the nanny and security personnel, stressing that everybody knew she was recording.

Furthermore, the young rapper noted that she particularly went to the Kardashian home to make TikTok videos with North. "We didn't think anything of it for them to say that I couldn't post the dancing video because I already posted two [other] videos. We didn't think it would be a problem this time," she said.

When the video was requested to be taken down, she said that it was her "overprotective" father who expressed frustration on Instagram and that she actually asked him to take it down. While it took some convincing, Lay Lay told Big Tigger on Audacy that the post was taken down before it went viral.

Watch the music video for the latest That Girl Lay Lay track, "Age Ain't Nuthin' But a Number," below:

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