After giving her 160 million Instagram followers a tour of their massive fridge and her kids' enormous playroom, Kim Kardashian-West now proves that she is more than just a social media star, a mom, and an entrepreneur.

Evidently, Kim could also get the "coolest mom" award!

In her recent Instagram post, the "Keeping Up With the Kardashian" star debuted her first TikTok appearance with no other than the youngest dancing diva of the clan, Kim's daughter North West.

New Stars of TikTok

In case you are wondering, TikTok is a video-sharing app where users get to create a short lip-sync, comedy and dance clips, which can be personalized through fun filters and effects.

In the video, Kim could be seen donning all-black leggings and a tank top, while the six-year-old North is sporting nude coordinates and double bun hair.

The 39-year-old KKW Beauty mogul and her daughter danced to the tune of Bomba Estéreo's "To My Love."

The little lady started by pressing the record button, while her cool mom is waiting in the background to dance with her. They both throw their legs in the air, formed a heart-shaped hand, and swayed side-by-side like a pro.

Mommy Kim could also be seen sitting on her back, flipping her legs up and down while North goes back and fort the screen.

Kim's Instagram post has now reached 10.3 million views and has been flooded with comments adoring the mother-and-daughter dance number.

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Mommy Kim's TikTok debut came a few days after she revealed that her dance-enthusiast daughter has a private account on the said social media app (though she is not allowed to post any clip on her own).

"North has a private TikTok account, so we do lots of TikToks together, and she puts them in drafts," Kim told Entertainment Tonight. "She's not allowed to post them, but we have a lot of TikTok's. I might post one soon."

True to her words, Kim did not fail her fans and North West's growing fan club and uploaded the now-viral mom-and-daughter tandem TikTok video.

Breaking Her Own Rules

It looks like the mom-of-four broke her own rule of "no dancing" for the sake of a bonding moment with her daughter.

It could be recalled that while Kim made a short appearance at "Dancing With The Stars" in 2008, the reality TV star would not dance to save her life.

In an episode of KUWTK in 2016, Kim opened up about how she finds dancing uncomfortable and how it affected her marriage with rapper Kanye West.

"Like, it was our biggest fight that I don't dance at Kanye's concerts," she told her sister Kourtney Kardashian and BFF Malika Haqq. "I did not dance on Dancing With the Stars. Like, I did not dance!"

In the same episode, Kim shared how she struggled to be around the industry's ultimate performer Beyonce during their husbands' 2011 tour.

"My biggest fear was during Watch the Throne that if I sit next to Beyoncé, she dances and she's up, like, you know," Kim recalled.

Kim added that when Beyonce invited her to sit and go to a mosh pit together to just dance and let loose, Kim said: "My life is over!'"

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