Last week, Carrie Ann Inaba announced that she was excited to be part of CBS' new season of "Dancing With the Stars."

She wrote in her Instagram stories, "It's official. We're back. Get your glitter on. Pull your disco balls out. Warm-up your back."

DWTS' new season will air on Sept. 20.

She also had many updates for her Instagram followers, including her highly-awaited return on "The Talk," after taking a leave of absence in April for health reasons.

But Carrie Ann still gave an update to her fans since many people wanted to know what her status with the show is.

"I should have some news soon about what's going on with my future at 'The Talk.'"

But she also made sure to congratulate the newest addition to the panel, Jerry O'Connell, who officially joined "The Talk" as a full-time and permanent host replacing Sharon Osbourne.

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Carrie Ann Inaba May Leave 'The Talk' Permanently

Though the 53-year-old is extremely excited to get back to "Dancing With the Stars," her return to one of the most controversial talk shows in the US remains unknown.

Just this year, Carrie Ann revealed that she had been diagnosed with Lupus, as well as four more diseases, including Sjogren's rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and vasculitis.

Lupus is a known disease where the body's immune system attacks its tissues and organs, affecting other different body systems.

The disease is a chronic illness that currently has no cure. Other famous people with Lupus include Selena Gomez.

Sjorgen is also common in people ages 40 and up. The actual cause of this illness is unknown but similar to rheumatoid arthritis, and it's a disorder of the immune system.

Fibromyalgia is another disorder that affects the way the brain and the spinal cord process different signals. People with fibromyalgia have fatigue, sleep, memory, and mood issues.

Meanwhile, vasculitis happens when the immune system attacks the blood vessel by mistake. Though there is a cure, the treatment for the disease remains imperfect.

With all of these diseases, Carrie Ann Inaba on "The Talk" may only cause a lot of stress  for her and weaken her ultimately. The topics on the show are sometimes very stressful and controversial that could take a toll on her and her well-being.

Unlike on DWTS, it's all fun, movement, dancing and mostly positive vibes.

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