Mary Ward died at the age of 106 after surviving two world wars and two pandemics- Spanish influenza and COVID-19.

The veteran actress had retired from her acting career in 2010 and has resided in the BlueCross aged care facility ever since.

According to Mary's nephew, Mark Breheny, the facility had enforced lockdown to their residence and banned family visits throughout the pandemic.

The family would regularly visit the veteran actress before the restrictions were placed and were recently contacted to inform her of her death.

The Guardian reported Mary's "peaceful" passing this morning, July 19, at the Melbourne facility.

"She led a remarkable life and spent her final years much loved and supported by family and friends," said Breheny.

Twitter Well-Wishers Celebrate Mary Ward's "Incredible Innings"

As news of Mary Ward's death reached social media, the younger generation expressed their awe of the actress' long life.

People choose to celebrate her long life, "Very sad to hear this, but what an amazing life and career. Vale Mary Ward" and "Sad to hear this news but wow, 106, what a life she led."

Most of them still refer to her as "Mum," "Sad, but what an innings! Some amazing memories of 'Mum' in Prisoner. RIP."


While another mentions her long list of soap operas, "Goodness- what a career (lots of soaps) and she got to 106!"

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Mary Ward's Legendary Acting Career

In Mary Ward's long list of accomplishments, she is best known for being "Mum" in "Prisoner."

She became ABC Australia's first female announcer during the start of the Second World War and was dubbed as "Forces Sweetheart."

Mary is also played the role of "Dee" in the soap opera "Sons and Daughter," which lasted six seasons.

The veteran actress' career includes appearing in local TV shows- "A Country Practice," "The Henderson Kids," and "Neighbors and Blue Heelers."

Daily Mail reported that in Ward's six decades of experience, she "enjoyed acting very much" and decided to retire at 95.

During an interview in 2017, Mary answered questions about continuing her career "I've left my acting days behind me, and I am enjoying my retirement."

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